Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chicks dig hair.

Matt Savage is trying to grow his hair out but he's having second thoughts. Let me clear this up.

Chicks dig hair. REALLY dig it. Most women with a preference choose long hair over short--I can only recall one woman ever telling me she preferred short hair on a guy but I've had lots of women start playing with my hair without even asking or saying hello. Just last night, I was giving a girl a hug goodnight (in front of her husband) and she remarked how nice my hair smelled.

Just think of how often girls in school would play with one anothers' hair. I remember how they would often brush some boys' as an excuse to be closer to them.

I suspect the psychology of women's desire for it is is a mixture of Uniqueness/Rebel along with Peacocking. Long hair is not the norm and is often not allowed in "normal" society, so it shows that you're willing to be "different". People also see the time involvement in maintaining long hair and is shows that you're willing to take care of yourself and look good. (This all presumes you DO take care of your hair.)

Take care of your hair, regardless of the length or style. In the "dating" game, having a unique hair cut/style is to your advantage because it makes you stand out and it gives insight into your personality and character.

Long hair also has the benefit that it reminds people of youth and vitality and invites women to touch and play with it. Trust me. I've had long hair (past my ears and collar) for twenty years. Chicks dig long hair.

(My perspective may be biased; it is reasonable that there are women who dismiss me because of my hair but I don't notice because I dismiss them also...because I can sense they are someone who wouldn't be interested in me.)

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At Mon Jun 09, 09:29:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points and thanks for helping to justify my long hair experimental phase, I'm going to continue growing it out.

At Fri Oct 10, 01:11:00 PM EDT, Blogger Jesse said...

you're right.
But, the point you made about taking care of it is even more important. If it is nasty or tangled it is NOT AT ALL atractive. AT ALL. There are so many people at Dragon*Con and everywhere else that really need to get that into their heads. Especially the guy that sits two seats over from me in my European History class. *shudder* yuck! >.<


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